Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Shore-ly a Beach Beauty in Old Navy Beachwear!

I was super excited to have been chosen for another Old Navy party through Crowdtap. The parties are extra fun, because it is usually several different items. This time around, it was for a free bathing suit, flip flops, beach towel, and beach bag. Fun, right?! I have been keeping active and working out lately, to become a happier, healthier me, and of course to get in shape for summertime, so this is like a treat for all my effort!

My sister usually gets all the same parties and sample shares as me, but she didn't get this one. That meant of course I was going to bring her along. I also decided on my other sister, and my friend Erica, who comes with me on these trips often. 

We all met up at Old Navy and decided to start with bathing suits, incase we wanted to build off of that with our accessories. 

To be honest, the bathing suit selection was a little crappy; the color selection AND style choices. I was more disappointed in the style choices. I would find a style I liked, but it didn't come in a color I liked, or vice versa. The bathing suit I ended up choosing is orange, a color I would have NEVER expected to pick. I loved the style so much, and would prefer it in a different color, but it didn't look as bad on me as I expected, so I'm still happy!

This was the first trip I've had to this Old Navy where we ran into a rude employee. She asked me, "How long do you have to wait before you get this kind of stuff?" (meaning how long on Crowdtap). I said, "You do usually have to be a member for a little while," and she replied, "Yeah, I signed up and thought I don't have THAT much time on my hands to do this." The way she said it just didn't sit well with us. It was as if she was saying I had too much time on my hands. She seemed annoyed with us taking pictures, so we have a few while shopping, but that's it. I guess the girls weren't about to come out of the fitting room anyway, since bathing suits are a little too revealing, and most people aren't comfortable with strutting their stuff in the store in a bathing suit. ;)

The flip flop selection always makes me happy. You can seriously find a pair to match everything you own! I love the fun, bright colors. I wanted to go with black, as it goes with everything, but I was in love with a coral color, and went with that. I love how bright they are.

There weren't many beach towels at all at our store, and most were zebra print. Luckily, all four of us loved that, and we all got the same one. 

We all loved the beach bags! They are really cute! My younger sister and I actually both use ours as a diaper bag, as it's so much cuter than most actual diaper bags. Obviously it'll be good for beach trips when we do go, but even better that it doubles as a diaper bag! They are the perfect size; not too big, not too small. The one I chose is in the picture above; the one in the middle.

Out of respect for the girls, I'm not posting many pictures to my blog, as they're a little personal.

We all had a blast shopping, and are very grateful to Crowdtap and Old Navy for the opportunity. 

If you haven't yet, click here to join Crowdtap. Get rewarded for giving brands your feedback, and have the chance to earn fun opportunities such as this one!

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