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I've been a complete slacker with this blogging stuff, I apologize. We have been pretty busy, for many reasons. Makenzie is a little over a month from turning three, and she sure is a handful! She's so much fun, but she has enough attitude for the both of us! I have a feeling three might be even more interesting than two. :) We also found out that I am pregnant not too long ago. I'm now 14 weeks, and am due May 27th! We are pretty excited. We planned to have two and be done, so this is the last piece of our family. I guess I really lucked out, because like with Makenzie, I have felt great. I had a lot more food aversions this time, but with the second trimester, those seem to have disappeared, and most of the time, I'm able to eat what I want (other than meat - yuck!). We will schedule an appointment to find out the gender on December 13th, so we will likely know within a few weeks of that. I'm anxious to know! Anyway, so we have been busy, and of course the holiday season always keeps us on the go. We finally did a layaway the other day, and still have a lot more to do. The tree is up (yes, already - it's been up a while actually!) I'm really excited, of course just for Makenzie. It's so much fun when you have kids. :)

So, getting back to the point of my post. I got an email with the chance to apply for a sample share from PUMA on Crowdtap. Being a runner, I was really excited about this one! I've honestly never tried any PUMA gear, and was anxious to see if I'd be picked, so I could give it a try. Low and behold, I was picked! Gus was also picked, which made it even more fun!

With all the changes to Crowdtap, I have been a LOT less active lately. I'm not a fan of the changes, and I think it encourages people to put in less effort, because they are still given a chance. This is really too bad, and hopefully it can get back to the point it used to be at. I really wanted to put in the effort for this one especially, though, because it's one that I can relate to so well, as a runner.

The sampling was for Mobium athletic shoes and ACTV apparel. Let me tell you what, waiting on the gear to arrive required a ton of patience. I've never seen a sample share or party take so long to ship. However, I know from experience that they will ALWAYS get your kits out to you, no matter how long it takes. It was worth the wait, because the gear is pretty sweet. The only issue was that, living in Maine, this time of year, it is SO cold outside. We have snow and ice already, and it's not really conditions to be running in, especially me, while pregnant. I was bummed the kits didn't make it in time to get at least a little outdoor use before the cold really hit. Oh well, I've always got the treadmill. While definitely not the same (I HATE the treadmill, but LOVE to run outside!), it was better than nothing.

The kits were supposed to include a long sleeved ACTV top. Gus' did, however, mine didn't. I was expecting this from posts I had read when others received their kits. The guys seemed to have gotten what was listed, while the girls got a tee, and a reflective jacket. This was fine by me, because both of these are really nice. Let me share with you what was included in my kit! I'm mobile, so I apologize for the lack of pictures. When I get to a computer, I'll share more with you all. :)

PUMA Mobium Elite Running Shoes

I am a big fan of bright colors when it comes to my running gear! It's not something most of us can pull off at any other time, so might as well make it fun when you run! I love this color! I tried the shoes on, and was a little bummed that they seem to run big. I got a 9, and probably would have been better off with an 8.5. I saw a lot of people say that they were too big. The shoes have quite the arch in the middle, which was a strange feeling when first putting them on. I wish I had been able to use them out on the road, because I think this arch would be a GOOD thing for your feet while you run. It feels awkward when just walking around, but your feet obviously move differently when you run. While I wish I had a slightly smaller size, I do really like the shoes overall, and am excited to put them to use when the spring hits. I intend to run while pregnant, YES, but am skipping out on winter running for now. After we have the baby, I'll really be getting back into it, to get in shape, and to get back to the point I was at before the cold hit.

V-Neck Training Tee

This is pretty basic. I was happy to see that mine came in a color matching the tights, because a lot of people had completely mismatched outfits. I guess I'm a little OCD about that kind of stuff. Anyway, the tee is comfortable, and just the right length, so you're not constantly yanking on it to keep it in place.

Pure NightCat Reflective Running Jacket

This was the second of the two unexpected items. I really like this! I was iffy when someone had posted the link to it, but it's one of those things you have to see on yourself to be sure. I liked the way it looked on me. I think I'd prefer it to be a little longer, though. I'm 5'7, which is super tall, but a little above average, and  I have long arms. It seemed to JUST fit, and I'd rather have a little extra room, so I'm not pulling on it all the time. I love that it's reflective of course, because I live on a really busy road, and that's important!

Puma Performance Bodywear Tech ACTV Endurance Tights

This, I have to be honest with. I laughed out loud when my boyfriend tried his on. When I tried mine on, I had to sit on the floor to even be able to get them on. The material on the inside makes it feel like you are painting them on, and they are just as tight as can be. Well, actually, they were tighter than I expected when I looked at the pictures. They look absolutely ridiculous on my boyfriend, I'm not even going to lie. I'm naturally pretty thin, and I think I'd even be a little self conscious actually going out in them. I've run in leggings before, but they didn't feel  nearly as tight. When I used them on the treadmill, they didn't bother me. They obviously keep in place, and you don't really feel any discomfort from how tight they are. It just feels like they are formed right to your body. I'm not the biggest fan of these, I have to be honest, but I wouldn't say I hate them either. I can't wait to try them out outside (if I dare, that is!), and see how I like them.

So, as you see, this was a really awesome sample share. I didn't have anything to share with a friend this time around, but I can tell you that PUMA's activewear is definitely worth checking out. In my personal opinion, the prices are kind of steep. We are currently a one income family, and I couldn't justify some of these prices. However, the quality seems pretty great! Click here to check out all PUMA has to offer, you won't be disappointed.

A big thank you to both PUMA and Crowdtap for providing these products for me to try at no cost! If you want the chance to sample products like these and others I have done in the past, click here to sign up with Crowdtap.

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