Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Oh my goodness, am I tired. I have no idea WHY I'm so tired, just know that I am! 

I met up with a bunch of ladies to sell some stuff today, and for as many people as we were meeting, it went really well! We planned on 11, and everyone showed up, and we left before 11:30. Not bad for it being so many different people. Such a good way to make a little extra money. It's kind of a pain to do, but worth it. This morning, people were adding onto things they were picking up today, and I already had it all packed back away, and still had to try to get Kenzie down for a nap, plus sort through all that, and worry about having her up in time to get her ready and out the door in time. Lol. She didn't want a nap this morning, which, go figure, on a day where we have stuff to do. This kid ALWAYS takes her two naps. We brought Dylan with us, met up with everyone, then went to Walmart to work on our layaway. That didn't happen, because Kenzie was starting to get fussy, and we wanted to pick up lunch before coming home. By the time we got in line, she was pretty cranky - which she NEVER is when we're in stores, or anywhere out and about really. We stopped by Chelsey's work to drop off some things to a girl she works with, but she wasn't there, so we're sending them in tomorrow. Swung by McDonald's, and came home. I didn't even bother giving Kenzie her food, just got her down right away. She was definitely tired. 

Anyway, I have been on a Christmas shopping frenzy! It's seriously ridiculous. We have a layaway, but I have carts saved on Walmart.com, Amazon.com, and ToysRUs.com. Kenzie is going to be super spoiled this year. :) It's nice having plenty of extra money to spend, even with her birthday being right after. Speaking of, I found what I'm going to buy for her birthday outfit. It's a lot less than I was expecting, but completely the same idea. I was so excited! She seems super nice, too. Between everything, pretty sure we've already reached, or maybe passed, $500. I cringe when I add it up, because it sounds like a lot, but honestly, when you have a kid who now is into so many different things, as well as several people to buy for, it gets expensive. Whatever, I'm happy we can have a REALLY good Christmas this year, especially for Kenzie. I can't wait til she sees the stuff we are getting her!!

Chelsey's baby shower is this weekend, then the next, we're going to Nana's for the weekend, and Lexi's birthday party is Saturday. October we will have Desirae's birthday party and Halloween. I hate how busy things are right before Christmas and her birthday. I think I've decided on Kenzie's costume. I did a lot of searching online. There was almost nothing that stood out to me. All the places that have costumes nearby have some of the weirdest things I've ever seen, and don't really see why someone would want to dress their kid up as, lol, but to each their own I guess! Actually, the one I have in mind is from Target, but I think only online. Pretty sure my daughter looks cute in anything, so it doesn't really matter.

Gah, going through all Kenzie's clothes lately, I look and think, Hoooooly, you used to be that small! She's still tiny, but has come a long way from newborn size. :) I miss my itsy bitsy baby. Plus, I am completely obsessed with baby girl clothes...or I guess girl clothes in general. I soooo want another girl. :) Especially so Kenzie has a sister fairly close in age, but shopping for girls is so much fun. 

Speaking of baby girls, I was sent three little crocheted items to take pictures of. Hopefully when Alicia has her little girl, we can have her model them. They are really cute. :)

Well, time to grab something to eat and relax for the night.

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