Saturday, September 15, 2012


We had a pretty good day today. When we got up, we waited for Daddy to come home, then I got ready, and we went into town. We did some Christmas shopping and put stuff on layaway. I was super excited to go Christmas shopping!! We got Kenzie some fun toys that I KNOW she'll love. :) We tried putting her bed on layaway, since it IS furniture, but since it's from the infant/toddler section, it wasn't allowed. That's okay though, not like we can't just go and buy it. I have so many ideas for not just Kenzie, but everyone, this year. We have done a good job with saving this time around, and just my money alone is a HUGEEE help. All of this is especially good with Kenzie's birthday so close to Christmas. I also have so many fun ideas for that. :) I want to try for a Saturday this year, and for Gus to just get the day off. It was too much of a hassle doing it on a Sunday last year, when we had to wait for church to get out. It was cutting it pretty close!

Marcy ended up messaging me and telling me to come down because they were having a yardsale. We're all of two houses apart, so I walked down and hung out for a while. Kenzie loved playing there. They have a lot of outside toys, and she liked being around other kids (Parker, Tamara's daughter, Addysin, and other kids that I believe are Marcy's nieces and nephews). It's always nice to get out of the house and hang out with people, and especially nice that they live so close by, with a kid the same age as Kenzie. Her boyfriend works with Gus, too, so they're friends as well. Kenzie didn't want to leave, haha, but we had to come home for supper, her bath, and bedtime. We bought her a nightlight today, but I'm so paranoid about those things. I hear too much about them causing fires, so of course I HAD it plugged in, then unplugged it. 

I have been making a lot of money selling Kenzie's clothes. Let me tell you what, theeee biggest pain in the butt. First time around, I took them all with my camera, which was okay I guess. It took forever because we have so many things. After taking them all, I realize my camera settings were on RAW, which means I had to open each single photo into photoshop, then save it from there. It took so long, when had I changed the settings, I could have just uploaded them all into a FB album at once. Once I added them, I realized I never even thought about sizes, and had to go through almost all of it to put in the size. GAH. I did things a little easier tonight, so it went WAY better haha. Our living room looks AWFUL! There are clothes everywhere. I think I've gone through all her clothes now though, so I think I'm gonna bag them back up and bring them to the shed, then bring in anything if someone is interested. I can't stand having all this clutter, it drives me nuts! But yeah, the amount of money I have made by selling stuff we don't need is insane.

So, not to brag or anything...but is this not the cutest kid ever? Gah, we are SO in trouble when she gets older. She is sooo pretty! I know, I know, I may be biased, but we are told this all the time, but literally everyone. That and how tiny she is - which drives me insane. I've heard it a million times, and she's my child, I KNOW she's tiny! I took these pictures yesterday while trying to mess around with the settings on my camera. In my WTE photography group, a few of the girls helped me out with what I need to change to get the look I'm going for. These came out much better than some previous attempts, but there are still a few little things I want to work on. I finally figured out a way to get Kenzie to look AND smile at the camera. :) It doesn't work every time, but most of the time. This girl never wants to stay still!

I'm so happy it's fall! Honestly, I'm over summer. I love being able to go outside and all that, but ick. I much prefer fall. I'm thinking I'd probably prefer a fall baby over a summer baby, which is what I've said I wanted next ever since having Kenzie. That would mean being pregnant ALL summer though, ha. I've bugged Gus about a second baby several times, but honestly can't decide whether I want to wait and try next fall/winter instead. I'd kind of like to have some more time with just Kenzie and I, but on the other hand, want them close in age. I go back and forth between this all the time. I'm thinking next year would be better, but we'll see.

Finally did my Old Navy party. Erica and Nikki ended up coming along and it was so much fun! We are all so alike, and there was literally nobody else in the store, so it made it even more fun. This time, we got a free skirt, cardigan, and scarf. We had an extra coupon, since normally four people go, and they let us use it to each get one more free thing, so that was pretty sweet. :) We definitely had a good time though, and I think these two will be set in stone to come along to any I do from now on.

WELL, I have kept telling myself all week that I'm going to go to bed early, and each night, never fails - I'm up til 11. So, I guess I'm going to end this here and at least relax a little so I can try to get some good sleep tonight. :)

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