Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cardi Party!!

I was so happy to once again be chosen for another Old Navy hosted party through Crowdtap. These parties are so much fun! It's awesome that I get to chose an outfit for free for not only myself, but for three friends as well. I love being able to not only sample products from Old Navy, but give my feedback as well.

When I got the invite to apply, I didn't really know what would be included in the party kit. I have noticed in the past, that with the parties, there's usually more than one item. All the invite stated was cardigans. Of course, I was still super excited about this. Who doesn't love cardigans? And what better time for them than now, when it's really starting to cool off fast? I ended up getting chosen - YAY - and went on to come up with who I wanted to invite, while waiting for the party kit and coupons to arrive.

When the coupons came in the mail, I read that we got to choose a free cardigan, skirt, and scarf! So fun! I made plans with three close friends to go shopping with  me; Erica, Nikki, and Michelle (my sister). 
During the wait for the party, I looked online a lot to see what they had to offer. I was loving the color and style options! It definitely got me excited to go shopping with my friends.

When we arrived to the store, we grabbed a cart and went on our way. We headed to the skirts first. I had stopped into another Old Navy in a different town the weekend before, and their selection was awful, so I was pretty worried about the skirt part of this party. Luckily, our store had a better selection. All four of us have pretty varied body types from one another, but we all found something that worked for us. 

We then moved on to the cardigans. This was what I was most excited for. It seems like we've had a very sudden and drastic change from hot to cold this year in Maine. It has been so chilly some days and most nights! I love fall and everything about it, so I can't complain! :) Cardigans are perfect for a fall wardrobe! I still love wearing tank tops and tees, but the weather doesn't really allow it. Throw a cardigan on top, and I'm good to go! Plus, they're perfect for that not too hot, not too cold weather that we're having right now. We had choices from full button up to half button up, lots of colors, and a few patterns. We loved the color options! I probably had the most cardigans in our cart, since I loved so many of the colors! 
Lastly, we were on to the scarves. I was iffy about this, because I just don't often feel like I can pull the scarf look off. I loved a lot of them though! I prefer the solid colors, because they're a lot easier to match up to other things.
After goofing off a bit and picking out the scarves we liked, we moved on to the dressing rooms. There was still NOBODY in the store. I was pretty happy about this, because sometimes, the dirty looks we get from other customers make it slightly awkward trying to take pictures! This time was a lot more laid back and fun.   My sister just recently had a baby, and she ended up having to leave early, so we didn't get any group pictures with her. Luckily, I was able to snap a couple of just her before she left, though.

I love them! I wish I could afford to buy one in every color. I love pairing them with a pair of jeans and a tank top. The color selection was great; a lot of fun colors that work perfectly for fall. They're really comfortable, too! I usually wear a medium, but they seem to run just a tad bit big (at least in my opinion), so I went with a small. Since getting mine from my party, I have bought two more, and I wear them often! The color I chose during the party is this coral-ish color. I LOVE the color! I have since bought black and purple as well, and love them both as well!

I love, love, love the stretch to these skirts! This definitely makes them really comfortable, although it also makes me think you could go down a size and still pull it off. I still can't decide whether I like the length or not. No, I'm not into the super short skirts, but I'm usually not a fan of this length either. I guess it depends on the occasion. I can see wearing these skirts to a job interview, a job where you have to dress up, or more fancy/professional things. The colors were fun, but I stuck with black, because it's so much easier to match stuff to. I won't lie though, if they had the red in my size, it might have given the black a run for it's money! :)

These are really cute and fun! Erica is a scarf lover, and was showing off how to wear a scarf. I found this pretty handy, since I always feel a little awkward wearing them. She's gave me a little confidence with it! ;) I was drawn to the solid colors, because, once again, I like things that will much pretty much anything and everything. I went with black as my final choice. It goes great with my cardigan, too.


Not the best picture to show off my outfit, but you can see it in the group picture, too, so I guess it's alright. I went with the solid black skirt, the light coral cardigan, and the black scarf. I kept it pretty simple because these things are so easy to pair with pretty much anything! I especially LOVE the color of the cardigan. It has been a favorite clothing color of mine for a short while now, and I was excited to see it as one of the options. I still like the brighter colors even in the fall and winter, but this is a color that works well during those seasons, too, so it's the best of both worlds. I have worn my whole outfit a few times since getting it, and the cardigan MANY times. They have come in very handy during these somewhat chilly days and cold nights!

Leave it to Erica to be able to pull anything off! I wasn't a big fan of this skirt, but she can rock it. :) She really loved the color of this cardigan, and it looked great on her. She has a slight scarf obsession, but this is the one she went with. I think it makes for a surprisingly cute outfit. Still not sure if I can pull it off though! :p

Okay, yes, I'm aware Nikki's outfit doesn't match completely, haha! However, we figured it wasn't totally necessary to have to choose an outfit that goes together, but rather choose the items you love! We all have things at home that we can match up any of the items to, so it doesn't matter if they don't match what you're trying on in the store. I think she pulls off the red cardigan really well, and the skirt and scarf are both really fun!

Michelle went with an orange cardigan, black and white striped skirt, and a black scarf (not pictured, but the same one I chose). This is a cute outfit, and once again, the color is so fun! It is also a great color for fall. I must say that she pulls it all off quite well for just having a baby not too long ago! 

Our checkout was simple. The associates are always amazed that we're getting all these items for free. My cashier asked me how I got the coupons, and wanted to sign up, so I ended up giving her my booklet, so she could read about Crowdtap on the back. I kept joking that I need to start carrying my referral link around with me. ;) We all cashed out without any hassles, and were able to see the amount of money we saved printed on our receipts. Awesome, Old Navy; thanks!!

I must say that this party was by far the most fun one I've had so far! The four of us have similar personalities, so it made it extra fun. I think I honestly prefer when the store is quiet, too, as it just made the whole process a lot easier. Although, had it been busier, you know that wouldn't have stopped us. :)

I'd like to take a minute to thank the following for making this party possible...

If you haven’t yet, check out Crowdtap today. Who doesn’t want the opportunity to make money, try new products, or give your opinion on many different things? I’ve had so much fun with it; click here to join!


Definitely check out Old Navy's selection of cardigans, skirts, and scarves. So many cute options to put together the perfect fall outfit! Click here to check out some of the cardigans, and to see all the others cute items they have to offer. I bet you can't look without buying something! :)

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