Monday, October 1, 2012


We had a fun weekend. On Friday, we left for Nana's in Corinth. Kenzie insisted on holding her Elmo, Minnie, and Glowie, which was fine, but maybe five minutes after sitting them all with her, she threw up probably a good five times all over them, herself, and her seat. Luckily we were stopping in Newport anyway, so when we got to Walmart, I brought her into the bathroom and just changed her into pjs. She was completely fine after that.
We went to Lexi's second birthday party on Saturday. It was nice to see family we don't see often (they live out of state). Lexi is adorable, and she and Kenzie had so much fun together! Pictures like these remind me even more why I love having a little girl so much, and why I want another. <3 Ugh, I love having a little girl to dress up. These girls are about four months apart. I wish they lived closer, because they would be great friends!
It was a rainy weekend, so we spent the entire time inside. It was a bummer, because Kenzie loooves to be outside. She did pretty good though. She did say outside several times, but never had any meltdowns when she was told no. She has definitely grown out of being so scared of everyone there, and it is the funniest thing to watch. This girl talks so much! I have NEVER seen a child her age or close to say as many words as she does; and not just words, but sentences. It's crazy! Everyone always says to me how she has a big vocabulary for her age. There are also times where she has a complete conversation with one of the kids, or talking on "the phone", and nothing makes sense, haha. But I am amazed with how smart she is!
Great Nana bought Kenzie a new mini Minnie Mouse. She loves her, of course. She also got her some Minnie Mouse slippers. They are soo cute! I think they are size 5/6, so they are HUGE on her, and look hilarious because they make her feet look ginourmous, but adorable. She would walk around and just look at her feet the whole time and grin and giggle. :) I never even thought to look for slippers!!
Ahhhh - I have the cutest kid EVERRR. She kills me! I looked at her and said, "Kenzie, do this and say cheese!" (putting my hand on my hip and sticking it out to the side) - and she did just that! Lol! She is so funny! All weekend, she'd randomly stand outside Valerie's door and go, "HIII!" and wave to her, just like when people leave, and she yells, "BYYYE! Wuh yew!" then blows kisses. She also has learned how to give Eskimo kisses, and thinks it's sooo funny! She always has everyone cracking up. Today at Walmart on our way home, an older man stopped and was saying how cute she was, and said to her, "You're the boss, huh?" and Kenzie instantly replied, "The boss!" Hahaha!
On our way home, she was fine. She did act strange, so I really don't think she was feeling well. :( We left Walmart, and when we were almost home, she threw up three times again. She's not sick. I believe it's car sickness, though. It has happened fairly often on longer car rides. I feel awful because now that I know, I pay more attention to her face in the car, and she looks so miserable! I tried rolling the window down to get her some fresh air, but it didn't help. I got bad car sickness as a kid, too, and would always fall asleep because it was the only thing that kept me from throwing up. Pretty sure there's nothing I can do other than let her outgrow it. Poor girl though, she must be so miserable!

Our site to store order is at Walmart. I'm excited that we are pretty much done with our Christmas shopping. We did reeeally well this year, and have one very lucky little girl. :) I also got her Halloween costume last week - oh my gooooooodness. Cutest.costume.EVER. I love it, and she looks ADORABLE in it! I got her birthday outfit today, and am SO HAPPY with how it turned out. I tried it on her and it's way too cute! It's short sleeved though, so gotta figure out how I'm going to do her pictures in it, but we will figure something out. I'm hoping to do them soon. I know her birthday isn't for another three months, but I'd rather do her pictures when it's not FREEZING, and when there's no snow on the ground. Plus, I love the leaves and the colors right now. :) November everything just starts turning ugly outside, because the leaves fall, and it's just bare trees.

Ugh, so I ordered from Payless online for the first time ever. They were doing a BOGO sale, and of course, because of my complete obsession with little girls things, I had to check it out. I chose two ADORABLE pairs of boots for Kenzie, and my total came to about $47. This was fine. I got an email with my order confirmation, and it showed one pair of boots at $30 something dollars. Um, no! I ordered TWO to take advantage of the BOGO offer. I emailed them right off hoping they'd cancel the order, or fix it. I didn't hear from anyone for two days, and sent another email. I got a pretty quick reply telling me she'd credit me back 25% of my purchase, saying that with the BOGO sale, it usually applied an average of 25% to each item. Uh, no. When you see your order on the screen, it clearly shows one item at full price, then the other, and it says BOGO in red, and the half price also in red. Therefore, it doesn't look at all as though it's 25% off each item. I emailed her back saying it was fine, but asked if I decided to order the other pair, if I'd get the 25% off I SHOULD be entitled to on those too, since afterall, she claims it's 25% off each item. She replied giving me a number to call, "since we couldn't resolve the issue through email." I'm so irritated about it. I was hoping to have them soon, but that's not likely. She never told me if she put the credit through, or if my order was on its way or not. So, I'm just waiting it out. I AM going to call tomorrow, because it just pisses me off, and I guess they should be able to let me know. I'm thinking I might just go into the store and see what they have instead of ordering again online. Definitely wasn't a good first time experience, and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone - at least not online.

Anywayyy, we'll take a break from my proud mommy moments (haha <3) and ranting...I'm so disappointed in myself for never picking up on Insanity again! I told myself I'd take a week off, and was going to make myself start over on day one for quitting. That never happened. I always said how so many people complain about things they don't like about themselves yet do nothing about it, yet here I am, haha. I don't really think I need to lose weight, but I really do need to get into shape! If I don't do something to stay a little more active, I probably eventually will have weight to lose, lol. I keep contemplating if I want to start running, and I SHOULD while it's not too cold. Mom has a treadmill I should drag out, but it is so louddd!

So a guy slammed on his brakes right in front of the house earlier, and the guy behind him had to slam on his. Anyone that travels this road knows how dangerous it is, and how fast people drive. Well, he swerved to avoid hitting him, went off the road, and completely tore up the front of the yard right by the road. His tire marks are literally from one end of our yard to the other side - the whole yard! He stopped, got out, and knocked on the door. Gus answered because he knocked at the outside door (which is just a door to lead into the apartments). He showed Gus the marks and asked for a piece of paper so he could leave the landlord his name and number and what not, incase he wanted him to pay to fix it. This was a younger guy, probably about our age, so I was surprised!! Most people would have just taken off. I really don't think the landlord would make him fix it, but it was nice of him to be decent enough to stop to explain what happened, especially when it wasn't his fault, and someone almost caused him to get into an accident. He's also lucky when he went off the road that he didn't hit the tree that is at the end of one side of the yard, right near where his tracks stopped.

Well, we have a lot to do tomorrow. We need to pick up my order, meet a few people to sell some things, get some groceries, go to the PO, etc. I guess I will be heading to bed soon. Goodnight!

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